Albufeira Marina transport, bus and taxi services 

Getting about while on holiday is all important unless you book an apartment above your favourite restaurant and eat there every night. Well that's an exaggeration and whilst the Old Town of Albufeira is only a short walk away that special restaurant might need a bus or taxi ride. 

You will be please to learn that Albufeira Marina is well served by the frequent Giro Bus service, which is like the town service, and has four routes which will take you virtually anywhere in Albufeira. In general the bus service runs every 30 minutes from a stop just a short walk from Orada Apartments reception and with a current fare of €1.40 it's a great way to get about.

Albufeira Marina Apartments taxi rank N-19 perfect for that family day outThe Marina drive also has a taxi rank where you will always find a cab and most journeys will cost about €5 to €7 for your family.

So if you are wanting to visit one of the more stylist restaurants to the west of Albufeira Marina or Sao Rafael or other more private beach the taxi is the perfect solution. 

The designation of the taxi rank on the Marina drive is N.19 and the indicitive prices from this rank to various Albufeira destinations can be found by following this link.  

Albufeira Marina Giro Bus Red Route (Vermelha) Giro 1

The four Giro Bus routes are named by colours and the one serviving the Marina is Vermelha (Red). The bus service runs every day including holidays. The Fishermen's Harbour (Porto do Abrigo) is served at 0830, 1230, 1430 & 1730 before the Marina Apartments stop so these particular buses may be a few minutes later than scheduled at stops after that.

First Buses

Bus Terminal Stand 18

07:00 07:30 Buses
20:30 21:00 23:00

Centro de Saúde (Health Centre)

07:04 07:34 20:34 21:04 23:04

Camping Albufeira

07:08 07:38 20:38 21:08 23:08

Old Town Av. Da Liberdade Stand 3 arrive

07:12 07:42 20:42 21:12 23:12

Old Town Av. Da Liberdade Stand 3 leave

07:15 07:45 20:45 21:15 23:15

Avenida do Ténis Parque Ludico +

07:18 07:48 20:48 21:18 23:18

Páteo (for Jardim 2/Páteo Village)

07:20 07:50 20:50 21:20 23:20

Cerro da Águia

07:22 07:52 20:52 21:22 23:22

Vale Santa Maria Zona Industrial

07:23 07:53 20:53 21:23 23:23

Cerro da Águia

07:24 07:54 20:54 21:24 23:24

Páteo (for Jardim 2/Páteo Village)

07:26 07:56 20:56 21:26 23:26

Marina de Albufeira

07:30 08:00 21:00 ** 23:30

Rotunda os Golfinhos/Dolphins #

07:33 08:03 21:03 21:27 23:33

Albufeira Jardim 1

0734 0804 21:04 21:28 23:34

Rua Coronel Aguas (near Rocamar Hotel)

07:36 08:06 21:06 21:31 23:36
Centro Antigo/Old Town Rua 1 Dezembro++ 07:38 08:08 21:08 21:33 23:38

Avenida do Ténis Parque Ludico +

07:39 08:09 21:09 21:34 23:39

Old Town Av. Da Liberdade Stand 4 arrive

07:43 08:13 21:13 21:37 23:43

Old Town Av. Da Liberdade Stand 4 leave

07:45 08:15 21:15 21:45 23:45

Cámara (City Hall)

07:50 08:20 21:20 21:50 23:50

Escola Caliços/Mercado

07:52 08:22 21:22 21:52 23:52

Bus Terminal Stand 18

07:55 08:25 21:25 21:55 23:55

This information has been compiled by an Algarve resident and kindly shared. Please visit his own site at for more information, click here to open and print the Albufeira Marina route timetable or click here to open or download a map of all routes.


Testimonials :-

Elaine, Ike
“..... The entertainment system with the wide range of films on demand was great. Loved the location - just out of the hustle + bustle of town but easy to get to.”

Linda, Brian & Nicola
“The apartment was everything we expected and more. Lovely decor, great extras (entertainment system) & comfy beds. Loved the complex and ideally situated if you don't want to be in the hustle bustle of the old own. The complex is relaxing as is the marina but we also loved the Old Town. We would definitely come again. Thanks”

Bev, Al & Mia
“Back again for the second year and it hasn't disappointed. Lovely weather apartment brilliant just as we remembered it to be. Ten days is not enough but many thanks again for the loan of your holiday home. Same again next year please!!”