Shopping in and around Albufeira

There is nothing as bad as wasting the first day of your long awaited holiday finding out where to shop for those essentials so we are happy to offer a few sensible suggestions to those guests who intend to fully or partly self cater.

There are a few small convenience shops on Albufeira Marina but like most small stores these can be a little more expensive but are perfect for those small items like bread and milk.

Lidl supermarket close to Albufeira Marina The best and closest option for shopping is the Lidl store, about 1.6 miles from the apartment and west of Albufeira town. Lidl is easily accessible by the Giro bus or Taxi ride either of which will still afford you great savings on your purchases. The Giro bus service costs €1.40 per trip and the Taxi ride costs about €4. If you travel to Lidl on the Giro bus and prefer a taxi on the return trip there is always a taxi in the car park or not far away.

What to do and where to go on that first night can be a bit of a challenge especially if you arrive late. Go down to the Marina and turn right and look for Nosola Italia where you can sit in or take away very tasty Pizzas and other food. There are various other restaurants and bars along the Marina front but Nosola Italia has been a favourite with many of our previous guests as you can read in our previous guest reviews.

Algarve Shopping with lots of stylish shops close to Albufeira Marina Algarve Shopping is the main Shopping Centre in the area which also contains the large Continente supermarket. The mall next to Algarve Shopping now contains Iceland Overseas which stock mostly the same range as the UK so if you want familiarity you will find it there. The centre is only *6 miles (13mins) travel from our apartment.

Algarve Shopping - The Guia Shopping and Entertainment Complex can be found on the N125 just outside of Albufeira (*6 miles from our apartment). This is a modern shopping centre with an excellent range of well known shops, a multiplex cinema and an amazing range of cafes and restaurants in the Food Hall on the top floor. For a hamburger which is almost a connoisseur experience try H3 and pay only fractionally more than you would in McDonalds. New shops for 2013 see the return of that famous high street brand C&A. H&M have also joined the line up but apart from those known names you will find plenty or Portuguese shops not found in the UK.

If you have children with you and they are over two years old then there is a crèche on the first floor, just behind the main selection of Restaurants. The crèche is well equipped and charges around €3.50 per hour. The whole centre is open from 09:00 to midnight with the shops open between 10am and 10pm and well worth a visit.
Iceland Overseas UK shopping close to Albufeira Marina Just like the UK with UK prices on the produce and the Euro equivalent shown on the shelves. Iceland also has a nice butchery department and mostly English staff. Situated in the mall next to Algarve Shopping, it's about 6 miles from the apartment.

Continente and Modelo supermarkets close to Albufeira Marina This is one of the larger supermarkets in the area with Modelo being similar to a metro version. Being located more centrally in Albufeira Modelo does stock some more familiar produce aimed at satisfying the tourist market. The main supermarket is within Algarve Shopping centre and Modelo within Albufeira Shopping about 2 miles from the apartment and on the Giro bus route.

Pingo Doce supermarket close to Albufeira Marina This is a Portuguese Supermarket which offers good value and produce; you will find one located almost opposite Albufeira Shopping at the Watches Roundabout.

Check out the handy shopping translation guide below to make sure you know what is what in Portuguese supermarkets and shops.

Soup Sopa Buying meat Compra de Carne
Oxtail Rabo de Boi Ham Presunto
Chicken Frango Beef Carne
Noodle Macarrão Sausage Salsicha
Sweetcorn Milho Doce Pork Carne de porco
Onion Cebola Steak Bife
Mushroom Cogumelo Mince Beef Carne Picada
    Ribs Costelas
Seafood Frutos do Mar    
Fish Peixe Essentials Essentials
Tuna Atum Coffee Café
Salmon Salmão Tea Chá
Mackerel Cavala Sugar Açúcar
Sardine Sardinha Milk Leite
Sea Bass Robalo Full fat Gordo
Cockles Berbigão Semi skimmed Semi desnatado
Squid Lula Salt Sal
Prawn/Shrimp Camarão Tomato Tomate
Lobster Lagosta Rice Arroz
Mussels Mexilhões Yogurt Logurte
Scallops Vieiras    
Swordfish Espadarte    
Haddock Arinca Other ingredients Outros ingredientes
Anchovie Anchovie Onion Cebola
Sea Bream Busugo Garlic Alho
    Mushroom Cogumelo
    Potatoes Batatas
Animals Animais Perreroni Calabresa
Lamb Cordeiro Cheese Queijo
Turkey Peru Goats cheese Queijo de cabra
Duck Pato Sheeps cheese Queijo de ovelha
Cow Vaca    
Sheep Ovelha    
Goat Cabra Cooking methods Métodos de cozimento
Horse Cavalo Oven Forno
Goose Ganso Grill Grelha
Pig Porco Microwave Microonda
    Deep fry Fritar
    Boil Ferver
    Roast Assado
    Steam Vapor
    Shallow fry Frite raso



Testimonials :-

Elaine, Ike
“..... The entertainment system with the wide range of films on demand was great. Loved the location - just out of the hustle + bustle of town but easy to get to.”

Linda, Brian & Nicola
“The apartment was everything we expected and more. Lovely decor, great extras (entertainment system) & comfy beds. Loved the complex and ideally situated if you don't want to be in the hustle bustle of the old own. The complex is relaxing as is the marina but we also loved the Old Town. We would definitely come again. Thanks”

Bev, Al & Mia
“Back again for the second year and it hasn't disappointed. Lovely weather apartment brilliant just as we remembered it to be. Ten days is not enough but many thanks again for the loan of your holiday home. Same again next year please!!”